Welcome to our farm! We’d rather have you visit our farm in person, but you can learn a lot about our farm right here. We hope you take some time to look around our site.



We are Glen and Sadie Frericks. Our children are Dan, Monika, and Daphne. Blue Diamond Dairy is our small, family-owned farm near Melrose, Minnesota. We have 100 cows and 90-some heifers and calves. We grow corn, alfalfa and oats to feed our cows.

When the weather permits, our cows and heifers graze 100+ acres of pasture. When the Minnesota winter sets in, our cows move indoors to our barn and the heifers move to a shed.

Our farm is also home to our dog, 11 cats, 26 free-range chickens and a variety of wildlife.

Here’s a little video about our farm: